Speed combined with sustainability

The E-44 incorporated technological innovation, long-term experience in sail racing and the latest know-how from professionals around the world to create an offshore racing yacht that combines speed and environmental sustainability. 

The E-44 was born as the world is searching for solutions to environmental challenges. In order to regain balance with nature, we have focused on minimizing carbon footprint of materials used in construction and fully eliminated the need to use fossil fuels in future operation of the yacht. Clean energy harnessed from wind is playing an increasingly important role in covering global energy needs. The E-44 has taken another step towards cleaner future – it is one of the first racing yachts in the world to replace conventional diesel engine with electric motor powered by batteries and hydrogen fuel cell based smart generators.

Targeting speed, the E-44 has been created from the beginning as a racer in collaboration with the world’s best designers.  Latest engineering knowledge has been used for successful performance in offshore regattas. The designers were searching for the highest possible speed and competitive value in  shape of the hull and weight distribution.  In international ORC regattas the E-44 competes in Class B.

Worldwide collaboration

Project coordinator Mati Sepp

The coordinator of the project is Mati Sepp, a 17-times World and European Championships medalist, X-41 class World Champion in 2010 and the ORC class European Champion in 2018.

Executive designer
Matteo Polli

The head designer of the yacht is Matteo Polli from Italy, whose built and optimized yachts NM 38, M 37, Italia 9.98, Italia 11.98, J-112E have all become World and European champions and won prominent offshore regattas around the world.

Mast designer
Chris Mitchell

The mast is designed by Chris Mitchell, who has led the mast construction program for several yachts  in the America’s Cup.

Structural engineer Warren Miller

The structural engineer of the yacht is Warren Miller, who has contributed on several projects in the world, including Wild Oats XI team – one of the most famous maxi yacht.

Built in Estonia

The E-44 was created based on the long traditions and fast evolution of Estonian offshore sailing, utilizing skills of Estonian producers and engineers. 

Yacht molds were produced in Saaremaa by Composite Plus OÜ

The innovative hydrogen fuel cell based generator used in the yacht has been developed and manufactured in Estonia by PowerUP Energy Technologies.

The yacht was built at the ALFA Yacht Production factory by experienced Estonian yacht builders.

Environmental sustainability

The mission of E-44 is to prove that competition yachts can be produced and used in an environmentally friendly way so that we would not deplete natural resources meant for future generations, but can produce all the energy we need from renewable sources and that the materials used in yacht construction are not only the best possible for that purpose, but also environmentally friendly.

Recyclable Elium thermoplastic-acrylic resin

Elium thermoplastic-acrylic resins used in the construction of the yacht have been on completely new basis. Developed for wind turbine blades, they have a significantly smaller CO2 footprint than conventional polyester and epoxy resins and are reusable at the end of their life.

Low carbon footprint sails

The E-44 uses OneSails 4T FORTE low carbon footprint sails.

Electrical motor

The diesel engine has been replaced by Oceanvolt electric engine.

Hydrogen-fuel cell electric generator

In addition to the batteries, the yacht is equipped with an hydrogen fuel cell based electric generator manufactured by PowerUP Energy Technologies. Unlike diesel generators, they do not emit carbon dioxide, do not generate noise and are maintenance-free.

E-44 saves 53 tons of CO2 compared to conventional racer yachts. 


July 2020 - October 2020

  • Beginning of E-44 project
  • Beginning of design project
  • Hull mould building
  • Deck mould building

November 2020 - January 2021

  • Hull mould arrives to yard
  • Hull takeout from mould
  • Deck mould arrives to yard

February 2021 - April 2021

  • Deck takeout from mould
  • Designing sails and rig
  • Main bulkheads fitting and interior building
  • Lifting deck to hull

June 2021 - August 2021

  • E-44 transport from yard to Pirita
  • Lifting E-44 into water
  • Mast lifting
  • Electronics configuration
  • Sailing from Pirita to Kakumäe
  • Blessing ceremony
  • World championships

The project was supported by Norway Grants Green ICT programme.  
Implementation period of project EU53929 was 15.07.2020 – 31.07.2021 and grant budget € 387 911.

Clean Energy Sailing Team

The first 44 ft racer is named CLEAN ENERGY. The core of Clean Energy Sailing Team is Mati Sepp’s Match Race team that has constantly ranked among top ten in Match Race global rankings in the recent years, reaching as high as 3rd overall. 

We should not consume natural resources, but must learn how to produce all required energy from renewable sources instead. Racing yachts can be built and operated in a sustainable way, using materials and solutions that are not only best suited for this purpose, but also environmentally friendly.  

Technical Data






Glass fiber, Elium Acryl Thermoresin


OceanVolt SD15 45kW


3xPowerUp UP1K


13.40 m


4.27 m


2.37 m




17.80 m


Alfa Yacht Production OÜ / 2021

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